Decades of experience in 3D scanning tech

We may love tinkering, but we are not just tinkerers. We’ve got hundreds of 3D scanning projects under our belts! We’re the ideal mix between hardcore engineering, high-quality and perforamnce, and devil-may-care creativity. At the end of the day, our proven track record speaks for itself.

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About us

Say hello to peel 3d!

Working in 3D scanning for over 10 years taught the peel 3d team that applications with this technology are about as diversified as the people behind them. Anybody with a great idea should have a way to access high-quality 3D scanning technology. That is when peel 3d was founded! We are a group of high-octane individuals interested in making professional-grade 3D scanning technology as accessible as possible. Get onboard!

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Work at peel 3d

What’s it like working with us?

Never a dull moment, actually. It takes a special kind of individual to work with us. You gotta love 3D scanning. You gotta love innovation. And you gotta love hands-on service to delight our customers. A sense of humour and a love for bananas helps.


Why is it called “peel 3d?”

It's a simple metaphor that came to us during breakfast while eating... a banana. The peel is what you end up with if you consider the shape of a banana: it’s a hollow shell that has the exact shape of the object you are interested in. And just like that, peel 3d took the 3D scanning world by storm!