Well, look what’s new with peel 3d version 1.0.3 (2023-03-01)

1st Mar 2023

< 1 minute


  • Grow / Shrink
    • When using selecting tools, it is possible to add or remove layers of triangles to the active selection.
  • Selection tolerance
    • Adjust the tolerance interactively in the 3D viewer for the following tools
      • Similar curvature
      • Similar normal
  • Advanced parameters
  • It’s now possible to manually adjust some parameters in this section:
    • Resolution
      • specify what resolution (size of triangles) is desired for the project.
    • Smart resolution
    • This function uses algorithms to optimize resolution versus scan time. 3 settings available:
      • Off
        • ■ The final mesh will be of uniform resolution
      • Standard
        • ■ 2 levels of resolution will be used. High curvature areas will use triangles reduced by half the size of the main resolution. (Ex: Main resolution: 1mm, high curvature areas: 0.5mm)
      • High
        • ■ 3 levels of resolution will be used. Same principal as standard. (Ex: Main resolution: 1.2, low curvature areas: 0.6 and high curvature areas: 0.3).
    • Scanning area
      • ✓ Adjust the light pattern size in the 3D viewer to focus small details on parts
    • Target model
      • ✓ Import a previously acquired file of positioning targets (.txt) that can be used for a project.
    • Texture size
      • ✓ Different sizes of organized texture maps can be selected.
        ✓ For higher texture resolution, a large map should be chosen, but it will increase computation time and file size
        ✓ This will impact the sharpness of the texture on different size objects.
    • Targets required
      • ✓ Forces the use of targets to ensure high accuracy scans.
        ✓ A minimum of 4 targets need to be seen at all times to be able to acquire the surface

  • Human body
    • A new scan mode that tolerates micro-movement of the scanned part. This facilitates tracking of the scanner especially for human body scans.
  • Color Theme
    • Customize colors across the entire interface can be set in the options.