Well, look what’s new with peel 3d version 1.0.4 (2023-06-07)

7th Jun 2023

< 1 minute


  • New tooltips for each major step in the workflow (Parameters, Scan, Clean, Merge, Align, Improve, Colorize, Export).
    Click the play button on each tooltip for a video explanation!

  • Zoom adjusted with scanning area
    • Scanning area changes with Object size and Detail level selected. It can also be manually adjusted in the Advanced panel. Initial scanner zoom will be adjusted in relation to this.

  • Mesh properties can now be found in bottom left toolbar
    • Triangle count
    • Vertex count
    • Mean edge length
    • Watertight
    • Volume
    • Area
    • Boundary perimeter
  • Merge by surface best-fit
    • At merging step, the software tries a target best-fit by default. If the best-fit does not converge, it is possible to click the Surface best-fit button instead.
  • Tooltip deactivation
    • It’s possible to deactivate tooltips in the options menu.

  • Remove background
    • New methods are available in the clean step to create clipping planes
      • Select background (One click background selection)
      • Select 3 targets to create a plane


  • Direct transfer to Fusion 360
    • Send parametric entities to Autodesk Fusion 360.
  • 3D viewer interaction
    • Possible to select meshes or entities in the 3D viewer
      • Unselected meshes or entities will appear to highlight when hovered over in the Meshes node or 3D viewer.
    • Right-clicking on a mesh or entity in the 3D viewer opens contextual menu.
    • Possible to select multiple meshes to use Decimate tool in one operation.

  • Entity manipulation
    • Resize some entities (plane, cylinder, cone) directly in 3D viewer using arrows or points of the 3D manipulator at creation.

  • Multiple .p3d files import in peel.CAD
    • It is now possible to multi select .p3d sessions and import them in peel.CAD

  • New construction methods
    • Point by line-circle intersection
    • Point by line-cylinder intersection
    • Circle by sphere-plane intersection

  • New Move object alignment mode
    • Allows the 3D manipulator to be placed at the center of mass of the object.

  • Cross-section
    • New initial plane creation for radial cross section with point and rotational axis
    • Now possible to delete curve in the entity detail drop-down panel
  • Pipe centerline
    • Adding the pipe centerline extension length
    • Add circles in pipe centerlines; hidden entity which will only be visible once export

  • Algorithm improvements
    • Watertight remesh
      • Better result in a much faster time
      • Selection tools now enabled to apply the "Watertight remesh" algorithm on selected triangles.
  • Smooth mesh
    • Added pre-set based on mean edge length of the mesh.