Well, look what’s new with peel 3d version 1.0.5 (2023-08-02)

1st Aug 2023

< 1 minute


New functionalities have been implemented in peel.CAD software:

  • Remesh
    • Resizes the triangles according to a pre-determined resolution in a selection or to the whole mesh.
  • Flatten
    • Creates a 2D mesh from selected mesh, which can be useful when applying 2D surfaces to 3D objects.
  • Defeature
    • Quickly remove unwanted feature shapes as it deletes and recreates triangles on selected areas.
  • Mirror
    • Copies the mesh symmetrically from a selected plane (mirror plane). It will invert the selected features from the mesh.
  • Import Alignment
    • Aligns the selected mesh(es) from either a (.txt) file or another alignment in the current session.
  • Point Selection Alignment
    • Nominal mode: Allows aligning existing entity points with a specific nominal coordinate.
    • Manual mode: Aligns the selected meshes in the list using the common points selected by the user.