Well, look what’s new with peel 3d version 1.1.0 (2023-11-03)

Written by peel team


  • 3D viewer
    • Enhanced Perspective view for large part scanning.
    • Navigation helper relooking.

  • Scan
    • New acquisition method that aims to improve frame rate.
    • Improved display of scanned surface to optimize frame rate. When the average frame rate drops below 12 FPS, surface display switches from triangles to splats. Triangles are then reconstructed upon trigger off.

  • Positioning by texture
    • A more efficient algorithm for positioning by texture using splats instead of triangles, resulting in a reduction in duplicated surfaces.

  • Merge
    • It is now possible to merge more than two scans at the same time.
    • Support multiple scan edition.
    • Allow to import a scan from a session.
    • Possibility to choose which scan will be aligned first.
    • When opening a session from an older version that contains unmerged scans, a warning message is displayed informing the user that the session may not work properly.


  • 3D viewer
    • Optimized viewer framerate, especially when displaying many meshes or entities.
    • Navigation helper relooking. New acquisition method that aims to improve frame rate.

  • Alignment
    • New Export alignment function: right-click on an alignment to export it and use it with the Import alignment tool.

  • Surface
    • In Auto surface, new check box to disable small holes filling.

  • Mesh edition
    • When using Cut Mesh by Plane, a new checkbox named Keep all isolated patches allows to either exclude or include isolated patches in the cut.
peel 3.CAD image
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