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Helping the people in need with 3D scanning

Helping the people in need with 3D scanning

Tragedies are unfortunately inevitable throughout the world and will leave victims in need for help. Thank god groups like Médecins Sans Frontière exist and do their best to help to help these unfortunate people. The group has been working tirelessly since 2016 in an attempt to solve the problem of access to prosthetics worldwide. Their objective, to assist amputees to regain their physical integrity and autonomy. Their solution? They opted for 3D technology.

Once the clinical assessment with the patient is complete, the team will determine his needs and expectation. The team will then use their peel 3d scanner to digitize the residual limb and capture its shape in 3D with high accuracy while minimizing patient’s discomfort. Using 3D scanning is significantly faster and contact free vs traditional casting methods. The 3D scan will then be transferred to a modeling software used to virtually design the socket and prosthetic. The designed component is crafted using a 3D printer and fitted directly onto the patient; rectifications and corrections can be done if required during this exercise. The prosthetics and benefits will also be evaluated with the patient after 3 months of use.

Médecins Sans Frontière also developed a similar workflow to create compression masks for burn victims. Using a contact free technology is again a significant advantage in comparison to the traditional plaster bandages. In the end, this makes it possible for victims in needy countries to get access to these so needed cares.

These moving projects is also described in the video below:

 Fantastic gestures like these are possible thanks to the collaboration of previous partners such as Rodin 4D and Hopital Léon Bérard. Should you be interested in donating to this cause, please click here.