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Like father, like son. Comparing siblings in 3D!

Like father, like son. Comparing siblings in 3D!

As a parent, one of the most common things you are likely to hear is: “Oh my, he (or she) looks just like you!”. And that is no mystery, our children are an extension of us, they bear the same genes; the resemblance is therefore not a coincidence at all. But, besides the visual similarities, did you ever wonder how closely related are you with siblings? We tried to answer this question with this little experiment we did.

Our subjects (we will call them son 1 and son 2) are aged 26 and 30 respectively; they both share the same parents. Using a peel 2 scanner, we started by scanning their faces. The process was pretty straight forward, point and shoot, the scan was completed within seconds.

Right off the bat, it is pretty obvious there two are related as they do bear a resemblance. To take our experiment further, we aligned the two faces in peel 3d software using best fit alignment. This method tends to minimize the distance at any point between the two scans and gets them as close as possible to each other. We can then proceed to a colormap between the two subjects:

The comparison showed son 1 has a more prominent eyebrow and slightly elongated nose while having a somewhat narrower face. The rest of their faces is actually quite similar (within 2mm).

Of course, this project was done for fun, but the results are actually quite interesting as they now allow us to quantify the resemblance very accurately between two individuals. Should you be interested to hear more about this experiment, you can view a video we made about it here. We took things a little further, adding the girlfriends in the mix! Enjoy!