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Level up your 3D scanning power

Enjoying your peel 3d scanner? Awesome! Feel as though you need more 3D scanning power? We’ve got you covered!

We offer a 100% credit on your peel 3d scanner when you buy a brand-new 3D metrology-trade scanner from Creaform! This is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of more advanced 3D scanning technologies—risk-free!

If you need higher performance or accuracy for your 3D scanning needs, don’t miss out on this great promo! Contact us today for more information or get in touch with a local Creaform sales representative.

Terms and conditions

  • Offer valid for one year following the purchase of your peel 3d scanner.
  • This offer is limited to any new Creaform 3D scanner. You must exchange your peel 3d scanner to benefit from this promo.
  • The credit will be applied on your order for a Creaform 3D scanner. The credit is based on the price list value in USD. Credits on other currencies are based on Creaform’s yearly conversion rate.
  • You must obtain a return authorization number in order to send your peel 3d scanner.