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Here's a quick troubleshooting guide to help you get your scanner up and running. Remember to take a look at our new best practice videos.

Scanner is Disconnected

First Check

The first thing to do is to open the computer’s Device Manager and check if all the necessary devices are properly installed. For a Peel 1 scanner, there should be 3 devices:

        - 1 (3D USB Imaging Device Type 1.2)

        - 1 electronic controller (3D USB Controller Device or WinUSB Device)

        - 1 USB Hub

It is recommended to compare the device manager when the scanner is plugged-in with when it isn’t to identify which device is detected.

All Drivers Installed


If all the drivers are properly installed, it usually means that the scanner currently detected is not the one selected in the Product Manager.


        - Make sure the scanner physically connected is the one activated in the Product Manager.

        - Make sure the latest calibration (.CST) file has been uploaded in the Product Manager. 

        - Make sure the user has writing and reading rights in the folder C:\Program Files\ Peel3D

        - Make sure there is no antivirus blocking the access or isolating the files in the folder

           C:\Program Files\Peel3D


Missing Drivers


If there are missing drivers, it can be either a power problem, a hardware problem or a driver installation problem.


        - Make sure all the cables are properly connected and do not seem damaged.

        - If the scanner power LED is not on when connected, try another power outlet and, if possible, another power supply.

        - Try to connect the scanner to another USB 2.0 port.

        - In the computer's Device Manager, click on the button Scan for hardware changes.

        - Try a manual update of the drivers:

               1. For the controller, go to C:\Program Files\Peel3D \Drivers\3DUsbController.

               2. For the camera(s), go to C:\Program Files\ Peel3D \Drivers\3DUsbImaging.

               3. Right-click on exe.

               4. Select Run as administrator.

        If possible, try another USB cable.

        If possible, try another computer (different model ideally).

        Re-install the software (make sure the latest version is being installed).

Projector does not Strobe