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The dedicated handheld solution for Reverse Engineering of small parts

Go!SCAN 20 + VXmodel

Go!SCAN 20 + VXmodel

Go!SCAN 20 + VXmodel


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The Go!SCAN 20 is based on the same technology as the peel 2 scanner but has been optimized to scan smaller parts. Its smaller field of view provides it with a whopping resolution of up to 0.1mm! Excellent when used with a simple turntable, it can also be taken to a specific location and capture the finest of details.

The power of VXmodel:

Included with the Go!SCAN 20 is a full licence of VXmodel, a simple yet powerful tool to finalize your 3D scans and use directly in any 3D printing or CAD software.

Also included with the scanner:
  • A rugged case
  • A manual turn table
  • 2 boxes of 500 targets
  • 1 power supply
  • 1 USB Cable
  • 1 calibration plate
The ultimate combo:

Not sure which scanner is best for your application? Order both together and save even more! Have a peel 2 for your medium to larger size parts, a Go!SCAN 20 for the smaller ones and combine scans from both scanners in VXmodel!

Order now, this highly discounted offer is only available while supplies last! We aim to ship all orders within 5-7 days!

Go!Scan 20 sample section

For best results

Use for small objects and details

This scanner has a smaller field of view for finer details

Use targets

Putting a few targets around the object is always a good idea

Use spray powder

Putting a bit of spray powder will help with more challenging materials

Technical specifications

peel 2 CAD Go!SCAN 20

Part size range (recommended)

0.3 – 3.0 m (1 – 10 ft)

0.05 - 0.5 m (2 – 20 in)


Up to 0.100 mm (0.004 in.)

Mesh resolution

0.250 mm (0.010 in)

0.100 mm (0.004 in)

Measurement rate

550,000 measurements/s (1)

Volumetric accuracy (based on part size)

0.300 mm/m (0.0036 in./ft)

Scanning area

380 x 380 mm (15.0 x 15.0 in)

143 x 108 mm (5.6 in x 4.3 in)

Stand-off distance

400 mm (15.75 in)

380 mm (15 in.)

Depth of field

250 mm (10.0 in)

100 mm (4 in.)

Light source

White light (LED)


24 bits

Texture resolution

50 to 150 DPI

50 to 250 DPI

Positioning methods

Geometry and/or targets and/or texture


950 g (2.1 lb)

930 g (2.05 lbs.)


150 x 171 x 251 mm

154 x 178 x 235 mm (6 x 7 x 9.2 in.)

Connection standard

1 x USB 2.0

Output formats

.dae, .fbx, .ma, .obj, .ply, .stl, .txt, .wrl, .x3d, .x3dz, .zpr, .iges, .step, .dxf

Operating temperature range

5–40°C (41–104°F)

Operating humidity range (non-condensing)



EC Compliance (Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive, Low Voltage Directive), IP50, WEEE