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peel 2 CAD is out!

the complete solution to take your scans to your favorite CAD software along with a higher performance 3D scanner

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scanning game?

You can get a 100% credit value in exchange for your peel 3d scanner on the purchase of a Creaform equipment...

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This is peel 3d.

See what you can accomplish with this handheld 3D scanner

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No gimmicks. Just scan.

Finally! A simple and affordable 3D scanner to get the job done.

Simple. Not simplistic.

Behind great scanners is an even greater software

3d scanning software - peel 3d scanner software

peel 3d: Versatility at its best

Professional 3D scanning for a variety of applications
Reverse engineering & design
Save precious time by starting your design with existing setups or components.
Science & education
The perfect tool to capture students' attention in your classroom or school lab.
Digitally immortalize your creations and take them to the virtual realm.
Heritage preservation
Preserve your cultural heritage for generations to come.
Human body scanning
Capture the complex organic shapes of human anatomy.
Get creative with peel 3d
Your imagination will know no bounds!