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Science and engineering

  • From clay to a motorcycle…
    From clay to a motorcycle…

    I remember playing with clay back in the days, in visual art class. I remember trying to make a vase… it sure was not easy. I never imagi...

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  • Why should you pay more for a professional 3D scanner?
    Why should you pay more for a professional 3D scanner?

    You made up your mind and decided that 3D scanning was what you needed for your application. That’s a good start! It’s now time to choose...

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Medical & Health

  • 3D printed prosthetics: A new era of possibilities
    3D printed prosthetics: A new era of possibilities

    As technologies improve and get more accessible, new possibilities are emerging—and solutions to many healthcare challenges are getting b...

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About us

Our mission

We are a group of highly motivated individuals interested in making professional-grade 3D scanning technology as accessible as possible. Whether you are an artist, a tinkerer, a school teacher, a designer, an engineer, or simply a creative person, we want to work with you and help your 3D projects come to life!

Why is it called peel?

It's a simple metaphor that came to us during breakfast while eating... a banana. The peel is what you end up with if you consider the shape of a banana: it’s a hollow shell that has the exact shape of the object you are interested in. And just like that, peel 3d was born!

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